Friday, July 10, 2009

Business as Usual or Gay Marriage?

So now that the New York State Senate has supposedly gone back to work, and they want to pass bills to show that they are honest and hard workers, will they actually pass anything meaningful, like oh let's say Gay Marriage. I read that they are ready to increase the sales tax in NYC right away, they want to deal with Mayoral control of City schools, and many other relevant bills that matter to New Yorkers. It is not surprising, but I have not heard anything about the Gay Marriage Bill that could ready to be passed and signed by the Governor, are they going to pass some big bills, but say we didn't have enough time to debate the issue with the time it so deserves, we call that B.S.. Then we have to do it all over again next year. Pass it in the assembly, the senate, and everyone else. I think we are close only because hate filled, ignorant so called Family value people are now taking ads in Times Square, who would have thought it, right in the cross roads of the world, in my NYC, ads saying that me and Rafael, and couples like us are about to destroy the sanctity of Marriage. They still don't get it, if anyone has ruined the institution of marriage, it is those who have been legally married for many years, or just say 2 days, either way they have the right to be married. This human rights issue has been pushed to the side for way to long, let's deal with it now, and if we need to go to Court let's go. To those who say liberal judges shouldn't decide, it was many liberal judges (I hate that term, it is negative from the start to be called liberal) that said the Mob mentality was wrong, and slavery should be abolished, they also said it is OK for women to have equal rights, for interracial marriage, and for desegragation of schools, not that that issue has really happened yet. If we leave it to the mob mentality, then let's vote on whatever we believe, get a majority, and who cares if it is right or wrong, the people voted, maybe we will vote that churches get no tax exemptions, why should married couples get a tax break, and then get to claim each child that they have, why should gays who can't adopt or in some staes be fosterparents pay taxes that go to schools, that they will never benefit from. Sounds fair to me, but that is why it is not and should not be left to the likes of just me and like minded people. I would vote to have all marriages annulled and make everyone have a civil union, if they want to go to their church and get it "blessed" fine, but this thing called marriage is a civil agreement, that a church can not honor without the blessings from the State, local, or town government, oh wait, that is me/us, we are the government (haha), so I say let's just get together decide what we like and don't and let the people vote, but then we have to remember, they steal our votes to, but that is another issue, right President Gore, I mean Bush....... I miss his speeches, he was like a good comedy show when you couldn't get outon a Saturday night............

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jeannerockaway said...

Haven't been here in a while. Miss it. We had an interaction, that indicates nothing specific, but we were certainly intense.

I'm so sick of phoney b.s. politicians saying whatever they THINK the people want to hear, so
they can "get with" a hooker,mistress, drugs...........Thomas Jefferson would be so pissed.....oh wait, he "got with" the slave girls.