Thursday, June 18, 2009

Panel on Marriage Equality

So I have not been writing in some time. I have been so busy doing work on Union Issues, and the Marriage Equality Resolution I have submitted so my union of 300,000 people can take an official stand. By the time I get to the computer I barely want to read e-mails, let alone write on the blog sites. I am sorry, in case anyone cares. This has been one of the most emotional rides of my life. Standing in front of people, GLBT's, Allies, and "Just want to know" people. We had a seminar where it focused on The Head/History, the Heart and the Plan of action, well I had to do the heart story. It was very hard, but worth it. I looked at it from the point of a child growing up gay observing the battle about who they are. They hear they are an abomination, they do not deserve equal rights, and to think that this does not do damage is ridiculous. Well it is good to know that there are so many people out here fighting, I think it is something that has to be done, not that we, or I, want to be like heterosexual married couples, but I do want the rights that they have, and Rafael and I do not. I never thought it, or I, would get in so deep, but here I am, so I although I love writing, I never thought I would not have the time or the energy to write after a long day. I have to remember this is one more way, and just a little more time that I can give to getting the message out. So thanks for listening. It is my friend Todd from Hell's Kitchen that when I read his blogs and I say where does that man get the energy, but he inspires me with his posts, from humorous, to informative, to just FYI's........ Thanks Todd.

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jeannerockaway said...

I'm here to help. Please let me. xoxoxo Been trying to do whatever I could since you were 7. Quite uninformed, I might add, but always on your side.