Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Friend May just be That One

I feel like I have been tossed around as when in a car accident by the way this long election process has just brought up so many emotions in me. Now it is "That one", which ONE did he mean, exactly? It is like when you know someone said something about you, but you don't exactly know which part of your character they are attacking or assasinating, or pointing out, but an attack it is, your gut tells you so. Was it my race? Was it my sexuality? Was it my weight, my economic status, maybe just that I am so much younger and sharper than you, but it was definitely pointing out that "that one" means different than US, and so many times in today's politics not like US translates into not being U.S., not American

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jeannerockaway said...


Were you ever "tossed around, as if in a car accident"? I'm actually probably paraphrasing.....if you were, you didn't tell me! I would have rushed to your side! If I knew....shame on me! If you weren't........well, just let me say your writing is escalating in it's excellence. Your "voice" is being heard, loud and clear, and, boy, am I proud as hell to be a central part of your life!