Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here I am again

So I had this great idea of blogging from Lima Peru, and all over the world, well there is something to say for Wireless and Laptops and Wi-Fi, etc..... Every time I had something brilliant to write about, NO CONNECTION, well ok maybe it was not brilliant, but it was my voice, I couldn't connect.So folks, please help me to keep my voice going. I want to think I have something to say, something deep or funny, or just a bit of FYI stuff. I am getting very involved with my GLBT Union Committees. I am joining the NYV Pride Agenda, and the Pride at Work Organization, there thing is "PAW" maybe that is why I am really joining, isn't that about the cutest thing, a little PAW, but we have a big roar, and we are not fighting for Equal Rights, we are going to get Equal Rights, I may be shy, and quiet, but get me riled and I'll join anything and everything.
I want to get married, and unlike so many, I found the right person, we are already together, but OOPS, my Govt. says I can't, I may ruin the blessed institution of Marriage. Oh well, the str8's haven't exactly set the best example, could we do worse? I by no way mean all heterosexual people, I just mean those Holy Roller Christians who know best, like Rush the druggie, Ted the I just can't stay away from the boys and so many others. But that is for another time or writing.

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jeannerockaway said...

Just never "Sit in the back of the bus"..........metaphorically, go get'em. Love ya. (bus references occurred do to your bus "travel".