Sunday, December 21, 2008

Talk Me Down

Pres-elect Obama, so is everyone in your future Administration either Anti-Gay & Gay marriage, or spineless to not say anything, or so insensitive to a group of Americans that worked so hard to get him elected, or just plain evil. They (you) took all our dollars and votes, so now to the underside of the bus we go, you don't need us for 4 years. WRONG !! As Bill Clinton learned we can change things and make your administration useless. Melissa Ethridge reminded Hillary how her husband and administration broke our hearts, he sold us out, DOMA, and that night she still said NO GAY MARRIAGE, as you did, see we get that politcal jobs matter more than our civil rights, but we are kind and forgiving, maybe to a fault, we thought maybe this time it would be different. The old saying "Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us." That will not happen again. It is insulting that you, Obama invited this anti gay, anti women's rights, anti Muslim, someone who believes only Christians like himself get to heaven to your inauguration, let alone be such an integral part. At least your Pastor Wright for 20 years said some true things, as ignorant as most were, and insensitive to say the least, but now I think I see him under the bus with us. I think loyalty is not your strong suit. I can not sleep because I am so enraged that we bought this B.S. once again, that the whole bunch of you politicians sold to us. At one of the last press conferences, when you took questions, what a coincidence no one brought this issue up, can you say George Bush as far as controlling questions? Then you snidely said your mind is made up, George Bush again, "I know you are just being inclusive". Where are all the "Hopefully soon to be Confirmed future secretaries of blah, blah blah," (Clinton, Richardson, even your opponents who don't have the reward jobs yet, the one's to be appointed to the new transparent Administration? We know who they are, but why hasn't one of them had an opinion on this publically, all of a sudden they have nothing to say, oh right, they want that job, and since they couldn't get the votes they needed, they need the political welfare handout. So when I thought for a short time that Change we can believe in was happening soon; unless a true Christmas Miracle Happens (I know that may not be politically correct) , I guess I was wrong. No Virginia, maybe there is no Santa . When Harvey Milk went against the gay political establishment 30 years ago, they said you have to work with those on the inside, he left them, he said this was a movement, not a political event. Thank You Harvey Milk, a great New Yorker by the way. I am always open to being proven wrong and/or naive, and I actually pray this to happen, I pray to God, as a Gay Christian, by the way Rick Warren you would not let be a member of your Church, I pray Obama, you will wake up, or slip on the Black Ice as I did today and get sense knocked into you. I was actually so upset with this and not paying attention to where I was walking, that I slipped and bruised ribs on black ice. Now I can't sleep, because of the pain and to think it was caused because I was upset by YOU Barry Obama, I trusted you and felt betrayed. Remember we can get you voted out as quick as we put you in, think Ford, Carter, Dinkins in NYC, many more. This was not your brightest moment. Was Hillary right, did all you have was one good speech as a record? Hillary how come you are not the least bit offended? Warren thinks you should have no choice to choose, and stem cells nah, oh well, just another difference. See I didn't want to go there so fast. But President Elect Obama you have offended me personally, I am thinking of having a few good friends over to watch the inaugaration, they love Gays, but they are sort of "KKK mentality when it comes to color", you know what I mean right, and they are my friends, as Warren is yours, you just don't agree on all things, I argued vehemently on your behalf, they just didn't want to vote for you because you were black, I tried to say only half, but they saw Black, and a Muslim (not even true) , like Warren thinks we are gays, who need to mature out of gayness, and we are like Pedophile's and Incest offenders. If I have my friends over I will just be following your example, is that how I do it? We can agree to disagree, you said we need to do that. Oh wait I have integrity President Elect Obama, I would never do that to you, you being (Bi-Racial) or to an African-American in general. See I raise the bar higher than you. Again I pray to be wrong here, I am sure about one thing I know in Politics, I do not know a lot, as a Chair of a Political Action Committee, I know what is right is not what is always done, and nothing is as it seems to be, there is the game, then the game behind the close doors, I thought your doors may be glass, transparent, I guess not. Please prove me wrong. I pray for that. But I will be more active now than ever, and if nothing else, I thank you for that. I had to thank Sarah Palin for getting me riled and motivated, and active, so maybe you and her have a lot in common. Can you see Canada from where you live? Now as my good friend Rachel Maddow says, Talk me Down !!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

It's definitely disappointing!

jeannerockaway said...

Hi brother. I can't talk you down in leiu of B.O. (stink), because we come from the same family, and my head has been exploding for weeks. As far as Hillary goes....I'm going to give her a little time. Remember, she's a woman, (bitch), and does STILL have to adhere to the "Ole boys network", if she wants her hand in anything at all. She has to get past "Bill", the press, her "cankles", fat ass, pant suits, stupid laugh.......ya see where I'm going? It is politics. I'd like to think if she was given the reigns, she too, would lie, and after being elected, turn the tide, and become fiercely pro-active for human rights. ALL HUMAN RIGHTS! I personally have had my pedophillia experiences, physical and sexual abuse, and by God........none of them were gay. Man or woman. I know you can't say the same being harrassed for being gay. For I am sure there are woman who are as vile as men in that vein. Always remember, without pause, I believe in EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.........ALL! Always have been. Live and let live...please. Love and let love........please. Don't hurt me, and I won't hurt you. How can I help?