Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Great Escape

In my previous letter I said God wasn't changing Neil, I was damaged beyond repair. I am glad MY story didn't end there, See; at that point God, the loving all powerful Father stepped in; He had a PLAN, it was not my plan, not the churches plan, but His plan. At this point I realized He had not only heard my cries of despair, seen my tears of sorrow, He knew and felt my heavy heart, in a way I never imagined. While still speaking at these churches, God placed someone in my life. I met Carolyn in the Bible-Belt, Oklahoma Church. Like I said after my Testimony she asked for prayer for her gay son Sean, that he would be delivered, as I was. This changed my journey, God now used me to tell His truth. I did try to just leave the Church, at least that denomination, but this was not made easy, but when God has a plan, it is not always easy either, but it is never wrong and never fails. So I had to believe that God answered my prayer, but that meant taking action. God gives us power, and I could either use it, having Faith in Him, or stay where I was, and die. So I studied Scripture, still being obedient, I was always told the answer to all my problems is in The Bible (maybe they were right.) I prayed, read/studied the Bible, and in doing this, I found out that God created me in the very likeness of His Image, and that God loved me, Neil, so much, He gave His only begotten Son. God made me just the way I was supposed to be. I studied many different versions of the Bible, I read books by Christian scholars finding out that the Bible has been misused to abuse people and gain power for the few. It was in doing all this that I was able to make an educated, personal, spirit-filled decision to leave (escape) the AG's. See, I knew God was on my side and He opens the doors for me to escape that and all abuses. God would neverabandon me or disown me, or you, God does not make junk to thow away. Yet because of the fear of the "Christians" they throw human beings, their own family, away, like junk. When enough people listen to politicians and the Hockey Moms of America, that scares me. You may feel like you have nowhere to go, no voice to speak out, you do, just keep praying, and searching. For today, if Niall's Voice is all you have, just believe that I believe, there is hope. We are waiting too help you, so is God...

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